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Strip-Air Workshop

Maintenance and repair
of all paragliding equipment

Carles Torres

Strip-Air founder

I'm the manager of Strip-Air, one of the most experienced paragliding workshops.

I am backed by 23 years of equipment repair and maintenance, during which I have earned the trust and reputation of my clients. Surely many of the paragliders you see when you are going to fly have been in my workshop at some time.

My origins as a “paragliding mechanic” date back to 1997 at Airex, but it can be said that I grew up next to a sewing machine, since my parents (both dressmakers) taught me this trade that from the first moment caught my attention. In 2000, in Organyà, I started my project, the Strip-Air workshop. During the first years, I combined this work with being instructor at the local school, XTparapent.

As a pilot, I have been flying in a single, two-seater and paramotor since 1993, and my preferred modality is bivouac. I also practice climbing and mountaineering and I am fond of nature, animals and everything related to it.

This is how I got here

It can be said that I have always lived next to a sewing machine, since my parents (both dressmakers) taught me the trade, in which I showed interest since I was a child.


First flights as a pilot


Start working in Airex


Work as an instructor
at the paragliding school in Organyà

First workshop

I start my project in solitaire, Strip-Air, in Organyà.


I dedicate myself full time to repairs
and my workshop is fully consolidated.


Who knows...


These are the main services we offer. (see more in price list)


Repairs are not infallible. Although they are carried out rigorously and meticulously, there can always be some incidence (however small), for example, that one suspense intersects with another. That is why it is recommended to inflate the paraglider and make a visual check before flying again.

You are solely responsible for your flight material and your safety depends on it. Take care of your material and inspect it regularly. If you notice any change in the paraglider's behavior, both in inflation and during the flight, it is prudent to review it before flying it again. For your safety.


Updated prices for 2024


In the Strip-Air workshop, we have the following tools to guarantee the best level of professionalism and finish in all the services offered.


The measures of porosity are made with a MK-1 of JDC Electronics porosimeter. The result of the test is the time in second that takes in cross a volume of 250 ml of air through a surface of 38.5 cm2 of fabric, to a constant pressure of 10 mbar.

Resistance of the fabric

There are two ways to check the resistance of the fabric:
1. Traction of the tissue: With a UKRO of 20 kg. dynamometer and pliers Aerostar together with the stencil (aeronautical TS-208 linear and longitudinal to the fabric).
2. Tear of the fabric: with an electronic Bettsometer BM-2 with digital screen LCD.

Cell of load and digital display

For the load and traction of the lines it is used a cell of load TRANSDUTEC TSC-1 with a digital indicator MICRA-C (margin of maximum error of ± 0.1%).
The traction to the system provides rolling up a wire of steel on a swivel cylinder with anti-return nail device.

Digital laser rangefinder

The control of the length of the lines (infiltrate) is made with a digital laser telemeter DLE 40 professional Bosch.
The reference measurements are those indicated by each manufacturer.

Sewing machines

The workshop has mechanical and electronic sewing machines of simple, double, and triple drag. In first plane, the machine Elna of double drag, which make advance the cloth underneath and by on at the same time while it does the sewing, achieving a maximum quality finishing.

Repair material

Rolls of fabric ripstop and aramide (kevlar) and dyneema lines of different manufacturers, measures and colors.


The Strip-Air workshop is located in the center of El Prat de Llobregat, with good communication by road, metro (L9), train (R2), and air (airport). Very close to all the pilots in the Barcelona and Catalunya area.


c / Sant Joaquim, 28
08820 El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)


Monday  9:00-14:00 17:00-19:30
Tuesday 9:00-14:00
Wednesday  9:00-14:00
Thursday  9:00-14:00 17:00-19:30
Friday  9:00-14:00
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